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Season dates in Verbier

Discover the latest Verbier lift opening and closing dates


The extensive Verbier and Quatre Vallées lift network is open both summer and winter.

Situated in Switzerland this high-end resort is a glamorous winter playground that offers the rich and famous from across the globe superb skiing in winter and alpine activities in summer.

Ski season dates in Verbier 2023/24
Lift Area Opening Closing
Verbier area 2 December 2023 21 April 2024
Summer season dates in Verbier 2024
Lift area Opening Closing
Verbier area 15 June 27 October
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Winter ski season dates in Verbier

When can you ski in Verbier?
Weather/snow conditions permitting, you can usually ski in Verbier from December-April using the lift system. Naturally, the season can be extended, typically with weekend openings in November or by ski-touring/hiking yourself up!

Verbier area is generally only open at weekends in November depending on snow conditions. Season start and end dates may vary slightly as they are dependent on snow conditions. There may be a reduced ski area in operation if snow cover is insufficient or due to early/late season ramp up/down.

Ski season dates in Verbier 2023/24
Lift area Opening Closing
Verbier area 2 December  2023 21 April 2024
Savolyeres 9 December 2023 21 April 2024
Bruson 16 December 2023 7 April 2024

Take a look at this year's ski lift pass prices, and for the very latest info keep an eye on live lift status and discover maps to find your way around the pistes. Plus you can read more about the ski lift system in Verbier and the variety of winter activities you can do on your visit.

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Summer season dates in Verbier

When are the lifts open in Verbier?
During the summer months the lift system is more restricted than in winter, but still offers fantastic mountain access to hikers, bikers and selfie-takers! 

Summer season dates in Verbier 2024
Lift area Opening Closing
Verbier area 15 June 27 October
Verbier bike park Weekends open from early June
Everyday from early July
Weekends closed from end October
Weekdays closed from late September

Different dates and times apply for each lift in each month, take a look at this summer's timetables. Please note: all lift dates and times are subject to change due to adverse weather and events. You can keep an eye on the live lift status and visit our maps page to find your way around. 

For more information, check out this year's summer lift pass prices, read more about the summer lift system in Verbier, and the many summer activities you can fill your visit with.