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Ski Pass Prices in Verbier

Discover & book Verbier lift passes


Verbier is part of the 4 Vallées, the largest linked ski area in Switzerland with more than 400km of pistes. This ensures that buying a Verbier lift pass is money well spent! We've compiled the ultimate guide with everything you need to know about Verbier and 4 Vallées ski passes, including prices, discounts and deals, so read on to pick the perfect pass for you.

To start with, be aware there are two main types of skipass to choose from:

  1. Verbier valley pass - the cheaper, local area pass, offering access to 200km of pistes; suitable for beginners
  2. 4 Vallées pass - whole area pass, offering access to four neighbouring valleys and around 410 km of pistes

In our experience, most people visiting Verbier stay for a week, which means that 6-day ski passes are the top choice among skiers and snowboarders who want to enjoy our mountain playground.

Verbier 6-Day Ski Pass Prices Winter 2020/21
Cheapest Lift Pass Biggest Lift Pass
Verbier Ski Pass
Adult (20-64 yrs)
6 Days from CHF348
4 Vallées Ski Pass
Adult (20-64 yrs)
6 Days from CHF355

How much are ski passes in Verbier?

Chairlift in Verbier

It depends. Ski pass prices in Verbier change according to your age, the number of days you want to ski for, the time of year and the area you want to ski in. Verbier also offers some great discounts available for families and groups.

How to buy your Verbier ski pass
You can buy your pass online and then collect it in resort or have it delivered to your home.

Deals & discounted ski passes in Verbier

Group in Avoriaz

Are there any ski pass deals and discounts in Verbier?
You bet there are! Verbier offers discounted ski passes for large groups and beginners.

Group ski passes
Verbier offers discounts of groups of 15 or more skiers. You'll get -15% off when buying passes for the same area, dates and duration. Please ask one of the ski pass offices for a quote.

Beginner ski passes
There are two dedicated beginner ski areas in Verbier: Les Moulins and Les Esserts, plus another nursery slope in La Tzoumaz. Beginner ski passes can be bought directly at each area, as well as at the main Verbier lift pass offices (Médran or Savoleyres) while access to the Les Esserts beginner area is free.

Beginner Ski Pass Prices 2019/20 in Verbier
Per person
Junior / Senior
b.1995-2004 / b.1943-1955
Morning / Afternoon
08:30-12:30 / from 12:30
S1 21 18 10
S2 22 18 11
1 Day Téléski S1 26 22 13
S2 27 23 14
Les Moulins S1 14 12 7
S2 15 13 8
La Tzoumaz S1 14 12 7
S2 15 13 8

Free ski passes in Verbier

Family skiing in Verbier

Who can ski for free in Verbier?
Yes, you heard it right, you can ski for free in Verbier! There are free ski passes available to young children and seniors, as well as to beginners.

Everyone aged under 5 & over 76
Ski passes are free for people born in 1942 and before, as well as for those born in 2013 and after. These free passes are only available at the ski pass offices.

Les Esserts magic carpet
The magic carpet in Les Esserts is free to use. This is a great spot to learn to ski or snowboard!

Cross-country routes
All of the cross-country ski routes in Verbier are free to use, you just need your equipment, some snacks and plenty of water.

4 Vallées ski pass price list

Group skiing in Verbier

Where can you ski with a 4 Vallées lift pass?
The 4 Vallées ski pass includes over 400km of marked pistes. With this pass, you can enjoy the full extent of Switzerland's largest ski area, which incorporates 4 valleys and 6 linked ski resorts: Verbier, La Tzoumaz, Nendaz, Veysonnaz, Thyon and Bruson. 4 Vallées lift passes are available from 5 hours to 6 days, as well as for the whole season.

Who should buy a 4 Vallées ski pass?
The 4 Vallées ski pass suits intermediate to expert skiers who want to have access to the largest ski areas in Switzerland without worrying about stepping outside a resort's border, as well as those staying in Verbier for more than a couple of days, with plenty of time to explore the kilometres and kilometres of runs on offer.

4 Vallées ski pass prices depend on the time of year. There are two main seasons with price bands to match: Season 1 (S1) and Season 2 (S2). For the exact dates, read below.

Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in 4 Vallées
Per person
Junior / Senior
b.1995-2004 / b.1943-1955
Morning / Afternoon
08:30-13:00 / from 11:30
S1 68 58 34
S2 72 61 36
from 13:00
S1 62 53 31
S2 65 55 33
1 Day S1 74 63 37
S2 78 66 39
2 Days S1 146 124 73
S2 153 130 77
3 Days S1 210 179 105
S2 221 188 111
4 Days S1 275 234 138
S2 289 246 145
5 Days S1 339 288 170
S2 356 303 178
6 Days S1 355 302 178
S2 373 317 187
Additional Day S1 51 43 26
S2 54 46 27

Ski Area in Verbier

Verbier ski pass price list

Skier in Verbier

Where can you ski with a Verbier lift pass?
The Verbier lift pass gives you access to the Verbier ski area, including Bruson and La Tzoumaz-Savoleyres. This is the largest in the 4 Vallées, with more than 200km of pistes. Verbier ski passes are available from 5 hours to 6 days, as well as for the whole season.

Who should buy a Verbier ski pass?
Verbier ski passes are perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers who will enjoy the gentle and wide nursery slopes and blue runs. However, don't think this pass doesn't suit expert skiers – the ski area boasts 10 red and 7 challenging black pistes, as well as a snowpark and access to Verbier's world-renowned off-piste areas. The Verbier ski pass is also a great option for those staying in the area for a short period of time.

Local ski passes are also available for La Tzoumaz-Savoleyres and Bruson ski areas.

Verbier ski pass prices depend on the time of year. There are two main seasons with price bands to match: Season 1 (S1) and Season 2 (S2). For the exact dates, read below.

Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in Verbier
Per person
Junior / Senior
b.1995-2004 / b.1943-1955
Morning / Afternoon
08:30-12:30 / from 11:30
S1 66 56 33
S2 70 60 35
from 13:00
S1 60 51 30
S2 63 54 32
1 Day S1 72 61 36
S2 76 65 38
2 Day S1 142 121 71
S2 149 127 75
3 Day S1 206 175 103
S2 217 184 109
4 Day S1 269 229 135
S2 283 241 142
5 Day S1 334 284 167
S2 351 298 176
6 Day S1 348 296 174
S2 366 311 183

Ski Area in Verbier

Pedestrian passes in Verbier

Snowshoeing in Verbier

How much are pedestrian passes in Verbier?
You'll be glad to hear that a number of the ski lifts are accessible to pedestrians in winter, enabling non-skiers to enjoy the stunning scenery at altitude, from the Mont Fort, Attelas, Mont-Gele and Savoleyres mountains. If you fancy some exercise whilst taking in the views, then there are well-marked walking trails between Les Ruinettes and La Chaux and also up to the Cabane Mont Fort from La Chaux. These passes are available online and at the ski pass offices in resort only.

Pedestrian Pass Prices 2020/21 in Verbier
Per person
Junior / Senior
b.1995-2004 / b.1943-1955
4 Vallees Half Day
from 13:00
44 37 22
1 Day 49 42 25
Season 681 579 341
Annual 739 628 370
Verbier Half Day
from 13:00
33 28 17
1 Day 38 32 19
2 Days 70 60 35
3 Days 81 69 41
4 Days 96 82 48
5 Days 114 97 57
6 Days 127 108 64
Le Chable → Verbier Single 11 9 6
Return 16 14 8
Month 112 95 56
Season 299 254 150
Annual 341 290 171
Verbier → Les Ruinettes Return 19 16 10
Les  Ruinettes → La Chaux Single 11 9 6
Return 16 14 8
Les Ruinettes → Les Attelas Return 19 16 10

Maps of Verbier

Other passes in Verbier

Paragliding in Courchevel Valley

Are there any other passes available in Verbier?
Yes, there are! Verbier offers special passes for winter sports enthusiasts and different subscription-based services to use the lifts.

Ski touring
A ski touring is available for ski tourers and split boarders. It gives access to several lifts but only on the way up, to access the ski touring areas.

Verbier Ski Touring Pass Prices 2020/21
Per person
Junior / Senior
b.1995-2004 / b.1943-1955
Le Chable → Les Attelas 32 27 16
Le Chable → Col des Gentianes 39 33 20
Verbier → Attelas 25 21 13
Verbier → Col des Gentianes 32 27 16
Le Chable → La Pasay 23 20 12

Paragliding pass
Paragliders can purchase a single ticket to go from Le Chable to Les Ruinettes for only CHF 21 per adult, CHF 18 per child and CHF 11 per senior paraglider.

There is a fun sledging slope in La Tzoumaz – not for the faint-hearted! You can take a lift to the top of the piste and then sledge down.

La Tzoumaz Luge Prices 2020/21
Per person
Junior / Senior
b.1995-2004 / b.1943-1955
1 Day 33 29 17
until 12:30
28 24 14
from 12:30
28 24 14
Single 16 14 8

4 Vallées Club Card 
This pass allows you to ski the 4 Vallées area at a reduced price all season. The more you ski the cheaper it becomes! The pass is valid for one year from the date of purchase and it works like a credit card with the cost of your day's skiing being debited from the card when you go through a turnstile at the bottom of a lift.

You can buy these passes online or at one of the lift pass office. You get a permanent discount of -10% on full and half-day passes and, once you've bought your card, you don't need to return to the cash desk. You also enjoy special discounts of -30% and -50% on certain days (notification by email when these are due to take place). During the summer, enjoy special discounts on the lifts in the Verbier area. The card costs CHF 49 for adults, CHF 42 for juniors and seniors and CHF 25 for children.

Valais SkiCard 
The Valais SkiCard operates in a similar way to the 4 Vallées Club Card but is prepaid as opposed to being charged after the fact. Valais SkiCard holders charge their card with a desired amount of money, after which they’re granted direct access to the slopes without having to queue at the ticket counters. Acting as a cashier, the pass scanner automatically deducts the exact amount from your Valais SkiCard for the ticket corresponding to your age group and the time of day, as you go through the control gates. The card is non-transferable, and valid for 2 years. It is possible to extend the validity period of your points by simply recharging the card with a minimum of 100 CHF before the expiry date. You can buy the Valais SkiCard online.

Annual & season passes in Verbier

Chairlift in Verbier

How much are season passes in Verbier?
Verbier season pass prices depend on your age, type of ski pass and when you purchase your lift pass, as there are deals and discounts to be enjoyed when buying it in advance. Season passes are available for adults only. Children and teenagers benefit from a super reduced pass on 4 Vallées annual ski passes, the Mont4Card.

Season Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in Verbier
Per person
4 Vallées Season
before 30.09.2020
1359 1155
4 Vallees Season 1563 1329
4 Vallées Half Season
from 1st Feb
1199 1019
Verbier Season
before 30.09.2020
1257 1068
Verbier Season 1446 1223
Verbier Half Season
from 1st Feb
1162 988

How much are annual passes in Verbier?
Annual 4 Vallées passes are called the Mon4Card. Prices depend on your age, type of ski pass and when you purchase your lift pass, as there are deals and discounts to be enjoyed when buying it in advance. There are no Verbier-only annual passes.

Annual Ski Pass Prices 2020/21 in Verbier
Per person

b. 1996-2005

4 Vallées Annual
before 30.09.2020
1402 300 400 1191
4 Vallées Annual 1649 500 600 1402

Ski season dates in Verbier

Verbier cable car

When can you ski in Verbier with your ski pass?
In winter 2019/20, the Verbier ski season runs from 31st October 2020 to 25th April 2021. Ski-pass prices are usually cheaper at the beginning and the end of the season, when not all of the lifts may be open. Therefore, there are two season bands that apply to lift-pass prices:

Verbier Season Dates Winter 2020/21
Verbier Season 1 (S1) Verbier Season 2 (S2)
28th Nov. - 18th Dec. 2020
10th Jan. - 5th Feb. 2021
7th Mar. - 25th Apr. 2021
19th Dec. 2020 - 9th Jan. 2021
6th Feb. - 6th Mar. 2021

Season Dates in Verbier

Where to buy ski passes in Verbier

Place de Medran in Verbier

There are two main ways of purchasing your Verbier ski pass: online and in resort.

How to buy your Verbier ski passes online – A step-by-step guide
To save time and money, you can pre-order your Verbier ski passes online. The process is really simple: 

  1. Click on the button below, which will take you to Verbier's main lift pass website
  2. Select the area you want to ski in (Verbier, 4 Vallées or Bruson), the duration of the passes, your first ski day and the number of people, including their ages
  3. Any discounts you may be eligible for will be automatically applied to the price of your passes
  4. State whether you already have a rechargeable card (in which case you'll need to insert its WTP number – see below for more information) or you don't (a non-refundable CHF 5 fee will be added for the card)
  5. You can also choose if you want ski insurance or not – we recommend you add it
  6. Create an account with your personal details
  7. Choose whether you want your ski passes to be delivered to your home address for a small fee (allow at least 10 days for delivery outside Switzerland), or you prefer to pick them up at one of the ski pass offices in resort.
  8. Pay for your ski passes

That's it, you're all ready to hit the slopes!

Buy Passes Online

How to buy your Verbier ski passes in resort
You can also buy your pass at a lift pass office when you get to resort. The main one is located at the Médran lift station and has lift pass machines available even after office hours. There are also lift pass offices in La Tzoumaz, at the bottom of the main lift, and in Le Chable, also at the bottom of the lift. 

If you're uncertain of the pass you need or are looking to see how the weather is before buying your pass, then this can be a good option. The lift pass office staff is also great at advising exactly which pass is best for you while some passes, such as pedestrian and beginner lift passes, are only available at the ski pass offices. Be warned, though, you may have to queue, especially at busy times.

Ski/Lift Pass Offices in Verbier

How ski passes work in Verbier

Chaux chairlift in Verbier

Ski passes in Verbier are loaded onto a rechargeable SmartMedia card, which is more or less the size of a credit card and has a chip that stores the lift pass information. This hands-free card is read remotely at the entrance of the lifts, so you just need it to put it in a pocket on your left side (many ski jackets have a special pocket on the left sleeve) and the turnstile will activate remotely as you pass through. Keep it away from your credit cards, mobile phone or other ski passes as they may obstruct the card reading. Hands-free cards cost CHF 5, and this fee is not refundable.

What is a ski pass WTP number? You can recharge and top-up your Verbier hands-free card as many times as you want over several years. In order to do so, you need to enter the card's WTP (Wireless Transaction Protocol) number when purchasing your pass online. You can find this number on your card. After you've recharged your hands-free card in advance, you can generally go directly to the lifts without having to stop at the lift pass offices.

Worth knowing – About Verbier & 4 Vallées ski passes
Unless otherwise stated, Verbier and 4 Vallées ski passes and prices are generally subject to the following terms:

  • A hands-free pass costs CHF 5 if you don't already have one to recharge
  • Prices shown are for the main season
  • 1-day passes start at 08:30
  • If you buy ski insurance as part of your Verbier or 4 Vallées ski pass purchase, either online or at the ski pass offices in resort, it will be provided by Snow Assist. The prices above do not include ski insurance, which you can add starting at CHF 6 per person per day. Please, check the insurance policy and the company's T&Cs before purchasing.
  • Longer duration ski passes available online and in resort

Prices, offers, discounts & conditions are shown here as a guide only and are subject to change – to be confirmed at the time of booking. Further terms & conditions may apply. Prices may be subject to changes in sales tax.

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