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Where to stay in Verbier

Discover the top Verbier places to stay


You've made up your mind – you want to come to Verbier on your next holiday. As you research your trip, you'll discover that there’s more than one town in the area and that they all offer a great selection of chaletsapartments and hotels. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses when booking a holiday, so you want to make sure that you’ve chosen the right location. Worry not, we’re here to help.

Verbier is one of Europe’s top ski resorts, attracting thousands of visitors each year who come to experience the challenging skiinglively après-ski and wonderful restaurants. There are several towns and villages that come under the umbrella of the brand ‘Verbier 'and '4 Vallées’, most of them linked by an efficient and free bus service. They all have their own, distinctive character, and suit different kinds of travellers.

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Five things to consider before deciding where to stay in Verbier

When it comes to ooking accommodation in Verbier, there is certainly no shortage of choice. Whether you're looking for luxury hotels, chalets for large groups or apartments that are as close to the lifts as possible, you'll find it all here. This guide to the different sections that make up this superb holiday area should help point you in the right direction so that you are situated as close to whatever action you are looking for. But, first things first...

Where should you stay in the Verbier valley?
It depends on the type of holiday you'd like to have. It’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re looking for: chalet or apartment, party or tranquillity, sporty or relaxed – a holiday in Verbier can offer all of these things. With an impressive assortment of accommodation hot spots, from the lively town of Verbier to the quiet village of La Tzoumaz, the 4 Vallées are full of surprises.

These are some of the things you may want to consider in advance before you pick the place you want to stay in:

  1. Distance to the pistes: Being able to ski to your door is everyone’s dream – there’s no better feeling than putting your skis on right outside your front door. Verbier and its surrounding area offer a good selection of ski-in and ski-out apartments, chalets and hotels. However, bear in mind that these very sought-after spots are usually more expensive than the places further away from the pistes so, if you want to save some money, you can always rely on the excellent network of free shuttle buses that run along the whole length of the valley and will take you to the foot of the slopes in no time. 
  2. Quiet or bustling: Is après-ski as important (or more important) than the skiing itself? In that case, you’d want to stay as close to the bars and clubs in resort as possible. However, if you’d rather stay in after a day on the slopes and prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of the centre, one of the charming villages surrounding Verbier is probably a better choice – and, if you find yourself itching to party, you can always hop on a bus to the centre of Verbier.
  3. Amenities: Ask yourself what you’ll need around you when holidaying in Verbier. For example, if you’re self-catering, you probably want to be as close to the supermarkets and restaurants as possible, while those staying in catered chalets and hotels may not need to. Having shopsski and/or bike hire places and cafés around you can be very handy but also quite noisy… you decide exactly what you need!
  4. Things to do: As with amenities, not everyone will need the same services nearby. For example, families will want to be near the ski schools meeting points to avoid trudging across resort in ski boots carrying yours and your children's skis. Having the local swimming pool and sports centre close by is also a great idea for those coming with little ones as it’ll keep them entertained after a day on the slopes. Or perhaps you need a spa for a good back rub or to soak your sore muscles in a hot tub after a few hours snowboarding. 
  5. Budget: Last but not least, location is key when it comes to saving money. Generally, the closer you get to the slopes and to the resort centre, the steeper the prices will be, while the villages further away from the lifts will usually offer cheaper deals. You may have to sacrifice convenience for budget but worry not, you’ll never be further than 35 minutes from the world-renowned Verbier pistes thanks to the aforementioned shuttle buses.

Our local team’s top tip: When booking accommodation, take a good look at the photos. You’re going to be spending some time in this space so you may as well feel comfortable in it. It’s not just about whether you prefer a cosy rustic interior or a light and airy open plan space, but also whether the layout and décor fit your needs. Are the rooms big enough? How about the bathrooms? Is there a super-modern, steep staircase your toddler won’t be able to climb? What floor is the apartment on? Is it accessible by a lift? All of this matters when choosing your accommodation and not every area in Verbier will be able to provide all sorts of styles.

About ski & snowboard lessons in Verbier

Place Centrale & Medran Lift: Central ski accommodation

Right at the heart of Verbier sit the aptly named Place Centrale, from where the Medran lift departs accessing the main ski area.

Who should stay in Verbier centre?
This is the place to be if you are looking for central accommodation right at the heart of the action and want easy access to ski schools, shopping and, of course, the town’s legendary bars, nightclubs and restaurants. When it comes to the style of accommodation, this is the area with the most hotels in Verbier, featuring a good choice of three to five-star establishments. For convenience purposes, this is a great area to base yourself.

About staying in Verbier

Les Creux & Savoleyres: Quiet, convenient spots

Up the hillside from the centre of Verbier is the quieter areas of Les Creux and Savoleyres. These two hamlets are very close to the pistes and near the amenities of Verbier centre, which are reachable by bus.

Who should stay in Les Creux-Savoleyres?
Les Creux and Savoleyres are good options for those looking for ski to the door accommodation and who are not too worried about making the most of the town's nightlife. Booking ski accommodation here means that you are closer to some of the quieter lifts and slopes in the valley, making it a great location for families. Despite the fact that this area is slightly out of town, the main lifts, bars and restaurants are still easily reachable thanks to Verbier’s free bus service.

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Le Chable: Affordable accommodation options

Situated at the bottom of the valley, Le Chable is a quiet village, very well connected with the centre of Verbier thanks to a gondola that provides direct access to the Medran ski lift. This means that the ski slopes and nightlife of Verbier are still within easy reach.

Who should stay in Le Chable?
Much of Verbier’s central ski accommodation can be pretty expensive, so if you're looking for a cheaper chalet or hotel, then the village of Le Chable is a great choice. Whenever you fancy getting stuck into Verbier’s legendary après ski scene, just bear in mind that the last lift down the valley leaves at 18:30 so you’d better start early...

An aerial view of a small village in the mountains

Bruson: Ideal for families and real skiers

Based on the other side of the valley from Verbier, Bruson is considered by locals as a bit of a hidden gem in the 4 Valleys ski area. Skiing here on a powder day is great, when the rest of Verbier may already be tracked out.

Who should stay in Bruson?
The village has an unspoiled and peaceful feel, which makes it a fantastic choice for families or skiers who are looking for a more authentic Alpine ski holiday.

La Tzoumaz

La Tzoumaz: Quiet & affordable option

The small town of La Tzoumaz, in the opposite direction from Verbier than Bruson, comes to life in both winter and summer. It is linked to Verbier and the rest of the 4 Valleys ski area by the Savolyeres ski lift and has a much quieter après ski scene than the central part of Verbier.

Who should stay in La Tzoumaz?
Those looking for an affordable, quiet ski holiday. Accommodation here includes some great apartments and chalets, most of which are just a stone's throw away from the lifts. There are a handful of bars and restaurants in La Tzoumaz, offering mostly Savoyard style food or pizza.

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Luxury hot spots in Verbier

If you're searching for luxury accommodation in Verbier, you're in luck! The resort offers plenty of high-end options, many of which feature private swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and even cinema rooms.

Where are luxury chalets and apartments located in Verbier?
Verbier centre is where most of the high-end chalets and apartments are located. For chalets, check out the area around rue de Médran, south of the lift that bears the same name. Luxury apartments can be found mainly in the brand new residences built in the town centre.

Are there any five-star hotels in Verbier?
Verbier has two five-star hotels, both of them located in the centre, plus a great selection of luxury chalet-style hotels. They all boast high-class amenities including fully equipped spas, gourmet restaurants or private chefs, plus bedrooms and a concierge service that will help you achieve your dream ski holiday.

Romantic corners in Verbier

High snow-capped peaks, deep luscious forests, white snow-filled fields and cosy wooden chalets with roaring fires – a ski break can be the most romantic of holidays. In Verbier, you’ll be able to make all your fairy-tale escapade dreams come true.

What’s the best place to stay in Verbier for couples?
Most of the Verbier towns offer the quintessentially picturesque Alpine holiday. Picture large ski chalets nestled between the trees where you can relax in the hot tub at the end of a hard day on the pistes and enjoy wonderful panoramic mountain views.

Leo Chalet, Verbier - Centre dining room

Group accommodation in Verbier

Groups have very specific needs, namely a big enough space and easy access to the slopes and the resort's amenities.

Where in Verbier can you find large apartments and chalets for groups?
All around the Verbier Valley, you'll find chalets and apartments accommodating up to 10 people and more. However, if you want to impress your guests or you want your group of friends to make the most of what Verbier has to offer, staying in the centre is key. Try Les Creux-Savoleyres for its closeness to the pistes or Place Centrale-Medran for the selection of bars and restaurants.

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Family accommodation in Verbier

When travelling with young children, you ideally want to stay somewhere that has lots of facilities and services nearby so that you don't have to travel long distances to get to the slopes or the restaurants.

What’s the best area for families with children to stay in Verbier?
Les Creux-Savoleyres are the best places for piste access and to be near the beginner slopes. If it's peace and quiet you're after, then Bruson and La Tzoumaz are your best bet, offering a slower pace of life.

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Cheap accommodation in Verbier

Verbier has a huge number of catered chalets and self-catered apartments on offer, many of which are on the affordable end of the spectrum. In general, the further away from the centre you get, the cheaper the prices are.

What’s the cheapest area to stay in Verbier?
Le Chable is probably the cheapest place to stay in the area. It offers direct access to Verbier via its gondola and has a couple of bars and restaurants but it's world's away from Verbier Centre's lively atmosphere. However, the gondola runs until 18:30 so, if you're craving some après-ski action, you can always just start early.

Agate Apartment, Verbier - Centre balcony

Ski-in & ski-out hot spots in Verbier

Ski-to-door accommodation is very popular in Verbier, which means that it gets booked out quite quickly. Prices are also usually more expensive than the accommodation a bit further away from the slopes. However, there's no greater feeling than arriving at your doorstep with your skis on, so get on booking as soon as you can if you want to experience it yourself.

Where can you find ski-to-door accommodation in Verbier?
There's a whole host of apartment residences in the Les Creux-Savoleyres area that are as close to the pistes as you get without being right on top of them. As for chalets, rue de Ransou, north of the Medran lift, has some great ones located on the sides on the home run. 

Camping du Botza, Verbier area

Camping & glamping in Verbier

There are a couple of campsites in the Quatre Vallées area, around the Verbier Valley. Most are open only in the summer – it's better to enquire before you book.

Are there any campsites in Verbier?
No, there are no campsites in Verbier itself. The closest one is located in Champsec, a small campsite with a tiny café 20 minutes from Verbier by car. There are also campsites in the valley towns of Bonatchiesse (around 40 minutes from Verbier) and Vetroz (around 50 minutes from Verbier). They're all open in the summer only.

More inspiration...

Now that you know exactly where you want to stay, it's time to choose between a chalet holiday, a self-catered apartment break or a hotel room. Our dedicated Chalets GuideApartments Guide and Hotels Guide will steer you in the right direction.