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Offshore Cafe Review

Cool Hangout Serving Burgers, Burritos, Smoothies & Lots More

featured in Restaurant reviews Author Ben Gilbert, Verbier Reporter Updated

Whether you need a big breakfast, some fuel for the mountain or recovery from a late night, Offshore’s here to start your day.

Already a popular choice for lunch and after-ski snacks, they have some great options on their breakfast menu too. With the breakfast menu being served from 8am until midday, it’s a perfect hangout for both early birds and late risers. Around late morning, my friends and I sat down to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and surf shack-style interior whilst grabbing some brunch.

Offshore have a range of fresh made-to-order juices and smoothies from their juice bar, and all of the ingredients are pressed, squeezed and helped into the glass by the talented bar staff. You can't often find fresh juices in Verbier but Offshore has a great selection to make you feel healthy. They also have milkshakes that are so thick and tasty, they made me feel like a kid again. I challenge you to finish one whilst eating a meal – I dare you!

The menu has a wide selection of dishes from fun categories including the Burger Shack, the Ranch and the Mexican Offshore Cocina. We were able to have a taste from both the breakfast and main menu so decided to go for the Eggs Benedict "Vikings Special", a refreshing Scandinavian take on breakfast, and the Huevos Rancheros, a tasty mix of traditional breakfast ingredients with a spicy Mexican twist. We followed this with the 200g BBQ Steak and a Chicken Burrito. The steak was tender, soft and perfectly cooked; it was way above the standard you would expect from high-end restaurants with much higher prices. The Chicken Burrito was so delicious, my friend had almost devoured it before I could have a taste!

After eating all of that we were stuffed, but felt we had to try the pancakes. They say on the menu that they are probably the best in the world, and they are really not that far off! The chocolate, the syrup, the softness, everything was so tasty. I have no idea how they get them that big; they’re as big as the mountains outside.

Offshore’s charm is not just the great food – it’s a fun place to hang out for locals, seasonnaires and visitors to Verbier. The restaurant’s style is up beat with young, friendly staff, good music, the latest ski films on TV and a bright pink VW beetle right in the middle of the restaurant. If you look closely, you might even spot a few famous windsurfs hanging from the ceiling!

We really enjoyed our time in Offshore, chatting in the relaxed atmosphere, eating some good food and some of us getting rid of our hangover. One last tip: be sure to ask about the ‘Seasonnaire Sandwich’, an off-menu local secret that will keep you filled for a whole day on the mountain!

Thanks Offshore :)


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