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Chris Richard, Site Editor Published

9th December Weekly Wednesday Snow Report 

After a very cold but very dry November, the arrival of the snow is a huge relief! It seems hard to believe that weeks ago, we were a little bit worried about whether the snow would arrive in time for opening day. Which seems laughable when looking out of the window now at over 60cms of fresh powder on the slopes. 

So what can we expect over the next few days? 
Well, for the end of this week, the snow is forecast to be incredibly heavy over Friday and then easing up into Saturday morning. As a result, there are severe weather alerts out across most of the French Alps over Friday and Saturday. The pistes have a high risk of avalanche, and heading off-piste is an absolutely terrible idea! 

But it’s not just the pistes that are dangerous - the roads have a higher alert on them for Friday and into Saturday, also with the risk of avalanche and falling snow from buildings. So the local authorities are asking people to stay home and off the roads unless absolutely necessary. They have also said it is mandatory to have snow tyres and chains in your vehicle at this time, so make sure you are prepared. 

These road conditions, of course, could cause some problems over the weekend for transfers, so if you are heading to or from a Verbier, we would recommend you:

  • keep an eye on local news 
  • snow clear your car as early and often as you can
  • give yourself some extra time to travel. Roads will be snowy and busy - often with people who are nervous about driving in these conditions. 

Fresh Powder & Blue Skies?
From Sunday, things are taking a turn for the better! We are seeing a break in the clouds and snowfall, and the sun is forecast to make an appearance! So Sunday could be one of those days we all live for. Fresh powder and bluebird skies! Then the sun is forecast to stick around for the rest of the week. So skiing should be pretty spectacular. In addition, the snow level is low right now - all the way into the valley, so skiing throughout all levels of the Verbier will be possible in excellent conditions. 

Word of warning: don’t let the blue skies tempt you off the piste too quickly. Let the resort ski patrol do their job and ensure the areas are safe. It’s also the early season, so it is fair to say that whether you are working in Verbier or here on holiday, we all need to build our ski legs back up! 

It might be worth booking a guide who knows Verbier to take you out exploring - because for sure the snow is going to be AMAZING! So get out there and explore. Just do it safely! Check out our guide recommendations here.

If you head to the bottom of this page, you can see the day by day forecast of what to expect in Verbier. But, we will also be updating this snow report page every Wednesday, so check back in with us next week to see how the pistes are doing and what you can expect from the snow forecast for the next 7 days. 

We need you!
If you’re in Verbier this week, we want to see your images, especially videos, of what you’ve been up to. When you post to Facebook or Instagram, tag us @SeeVerbier. Every week, we’ll be posting our favourite and top videos here to share along with our weekly resort snow report.  For now we have the super mesmerising video below from the Verbier Tourist Info - so enjoy, but we'd rather see you all on our screens!

Bon Ski & we’ll see you on the pistes! 

Jen & Team SeeVerbier

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