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Cross and Trail du Vélan, Bourg St Pierre

Ultra Trail qualifying race

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The Trail du Vélan is one day event with different length races starting in the little village of Bourg St Pierre.

The Cross involves a vertical ascent of 1,010m over a distance of 6.8km. The race finishes at Vélan, at an altitude of 2,642m. The race began in 1977 and was dedicated to two local guides, both of whom lost their lives in the mountains.

The Petit Cross is the kids event and covers 1.7km, whilst the there are two Trail du Vélan - a 45km UTMB qualifier and a 21km race. They have recently added an even more challenging event, a 72km race with a vertical ascent of 5,500m.

Registration and more details via the website linked above.


Bourg St Pierre


Map of the surrounding area