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L'Integrale du Rogneux 2023 ski touring race, Verbier

Ski Touring Race Open to Everyone

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A friendly and fun ski tour from Lourtier to Rogneux in teams of two.

Pair up and enter one of the following races:

  • The Complete: Lourtier/Rogneux/Lourtier - ascent 2004m
  • The Treutse: Lourtier/Le Treutse/La Perche/Lourtier - ascent 1023m
  • The Tinte (children's race): Lourtier/LaTinte/Lourtier - ascent 125m

Experience breathtaking landscapes and the Combins massif range. The Rogneux peak ridge is reached by climbing on foot before descending 2000 metres towards Lourtier for the finish.

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Map of the surrounding area