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La Marmotte Restaurant, Verbier

Traditional mountain restaurant with a warm open fire and unbeatable views

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A traditional mountain restaurant with views over Verbier and out to the Mountains.

Serving local cuisine using fresh ingredients and mountain flavours.

The restaurant is also open in the evening serving Raclettes and other Savoyard dishes. To get there it will take you a 30 minute walk from the last stop on the free bus line by the Carrefour restaurant and then following the forest road. You will be ready for the Savoyard delights once you arrive. You can get a table here in the evening by reservation only and you can even sledge back down to Verbier after your meal.

Booking is recommended during peak season. In the summer you can drive to the restaurant via the road that heads to Corix de Coeur or alternatively hike to the restaurant for a well deserved lunch. In the winter ski from the Savoleyres and for those on foot take the trails from the Sonalon or the sports centre.


Map of the surrounding area