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Bad Weather Ski Areas in Verbier

Discover the top Verbier bad-weather skiing


The high, open pistes lack the contrast required for orientation during white out conditions and slope and sky can blur into one.

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However, there are certain runs that offer more contrast providing vast amounts of skiing/snowboarding when the flakes are falling. The trick is to head for the pistes that are tree-lined, as they help provide definition when everything else seems to be white.

Bear in mind that the valley itself can be covered in an all-encompassing fog, but the top of the mountains can be bathed in glorious sunshine (check out the webcams!). Also, if it’s lashing down with rain in the valley, it means it’s snowing up top, giving you the best and freshest powder you’re likely to ski on! And because it’s a bad weather day, chances are, you’ll have the mountain to yourself.

Bad Weather Skiing in Bruson

Bruson on the opposite side of the valley to Verbier – part of the 4-Valleys ski pass, is an absolute local’s “rendez-vous” in bad weather. Given its low altitude, 95% of its terrain is tree-lined which means that even in foggy conditions, you can actually see something! Getting over to Bruson is a bit time-consuming (it takes about 20 minutes on the lifts) but it's well worth the effort. 

Although there are only a handful of actual marked trails (blue, red & black) to choose from, Bruson offers the best tree skiing of the 4-Valleys area. Most of the good skiing is found off La Pasay (3-man chair) but Le Grand Tsai (drag-lift), which is sometimes closed due to avalanche danger, offers longer front-side descents back to the bottom of the triple. During snowstorms, it can be bitterly cold and windy on these lifts so make sure you come prepared with warm clothing.

Ski Area in Verbier

snow covered trees in verbier

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