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Snowparks in Verbier

Discover the top Verbier snowparks


If you are new to the slopes it's a good chance that you'll be wanting to try your first kicker or rail soon. Freestyle is great fun and if you want to learn there is no better place to head than the Verbier snowpark.

The La Chaux Park in Verbier is, as the name implies, in the La Chaux sector directly under the Chaux Express chairlift. Kickers, rails and even an airbag feature in the Verbier park which sits in a natural sunny bowl. The park features a camera system that allows visitors to have their run through the park and on the airbag filmed and then shared online. 

Secured and maintained daily the park includes 5 separate lines and an airbag. The easiest line is the green run which features rollers known as 'whoops', the blue has several kickers and some easy rails that are suitable for beginners. The red line is slightly harder with 3 kickers and 9 rails. The black line is substantially harder and features 2 large kickers and 5 rails.

The best thing to do is to treat the park like a piste; ski within your limits and progress at a steady controlled pace. Although anyone with a lift ticket can ride in the park it can seem like a daunting place, riding safely and in the proper fashion should help keep you safe.

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