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Farinet Restaurant Review

A Fun NIght Out with Mountains of Food & Great Cocktails

featured in Restaurant reviews Author Ben Gilbert, Verbier Reporter Updated

In all the years that I have been in Verbier the Farinet has always offered food and so I thought I knew ahead of time what to expect...however I was very surprised.

After being seated at around 7pm, my girlfriend and I ordered cocktails - the Clover Club and the Hemingway Daiquiri, which both date back to the prohibition days. The Clover Club was made perfectly with the right balance of gin, raspberry, lemon juice and the egg white giving a smooth layer on top of the drink.

Everyone has heard of a Daiquiri, but it has so many variations that each place you go can offer a different drink. I like that this restaurant have chosen the Hemingway, which for me is the best rum cocktail. We enjoyed these as we decided on what food we would order.

The menu is Asian tapas style with a variety of sharing platters. We went for the one called "The Mountain" - which is literally a mountain of food for 97CHF! It comes with beef sliders, sweet potato falafel, Thai crab cakes (we ask for these instead of the fries), some of the biggest prawns we have ever seen, cod bites, onion rings, crispy pork belly, an amazing salad, garlic forgasse (a home-made bread), sticky BBQ ribs and mini burgers.

These might all sound just like snacks, but the portions are big and each dish is cooked to perfection by head Chef Ashleigh and her team. The smaller details in the dishes have really made a difference, for example. the cod bits and onion rings are all fried in soda water and Corona beer which gives the batter a thinner and crunchier texture. The sauces that accompany the dishes are out of this world, the spicy sauce with the prawns and the home-made tartar sauce that comes with the cod bites are both irresistible.

After eating all of that, we did actually manage to fit in a bit of desert, churros and marshmallows. All of the dishes in the restaurant are served on either slate or chunks of wood, and the marshmallows were no exception. However, this desert also comes with a mini fire pit to cook your marshmallows, and we certainly had a lot of fun trying to set them on fire! The churros came with an irresistible chocolate and caramel dipping sauce...they were epic!

If you are in Verbier with kids then there is a great children's menu with mini burgers, pizza, fries and a fun colouring book to keep them entertained, whilst you sip on some cocktails. Plus all of the food (aside from maybe 3 or 4 dishes) are all gluten and dairy free. To have that in the Swiss Alps is a rarity and should not be taken for granted for how hard they work to provide that service. It certainly doesn't compromise the taste of the food!

All in all it was a great experience, from the music to the service, and of course the food. I think the only negative is that no one knows how good the food is! So don't be scared to get yourselves down there whilst you are on holiday. Between the 2 of us we paid 70CHF each for a huge amount of food and some amazing cocktails. If you are drinking beer or wine then you can expect it to be a bit cheaper still. A group of 4 should work out to pay around 50CHF each and trust will not be leaving hungry!


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